Million Dollar Babies

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett

Sinners go to Church – Eric Church

Ride The Lightning – James Hetfield

Welcome to the Jungle – Slash/Guns N Roses

Wise Soul


Nationwide II – Billy Gibbons

Shades of Frankenstein – Eddie Van Halen

Back In The Saddle – Steven Tyler

Blondie – Debra Harry

Glimmer Twin – Mick

Glimmer Twin – Keith

Heart Breaker – Jimi Hendrix

Time Is On My Side – Keith Richards

Wheels – Dave Grohl

Run Away American Dream – Springsteen

Trouble – Pink

Dreams – Stevie Nicks

The Stones

Whiskey River Don’t Run Dry – Willie Nelson

Whole Lotta Love – Robert Plant

Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie

Oh Lord! – Janice Joplin

Two Hundred Years Too Late – Jimmy Buffett

Rooftop John Lennon

Rooftop Paul McCartney

Rooftop George Harrison

Rooftop Ringo Starr

Tom Brady


The Godfather

Man In Black – Johnny Cash

In The Wind – Easy Rider

Heroes Are Made – Giacomo Agostini

Viva Rossi

Peace – John Lennon

Motorhead – Lemmy

Mister Martini

Young Bob Marley

Voodoo Chile – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Snooped – Snoop Dogg

Rev’n It Up – Billy Gibbons

Papa – Ernest Hemmingway

One World, One Ocean – Jimmy Buffett

Nationwide – Billy Gibbons

Strumming My Six String – Jimmy Buffett

Let’s Get This Party Started – Pink

It’s Only Rock & Roll – Mick Jagger

I’m Just Looking For Some Tush – ZZ Top

I Must Be Strong – Eric Clapton

Dream On – Steven Tyler

Central Park Wanderlust – John Lennon

Caught in a Crossfire – Bruce Springsteen

Best of You – Dave Grohl

Back To Black – Amy Winehouse

Tramps Like Us – Bruce Springsteen

Dave Grohl

Jimmy Buffett

Willie G Davidson

Arlen Ness

Stevie Ray Vaughan