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connect to something greater

Art is a universal language that speaks personally to the soul. It can evoke an emotional response. It can change an environment. And it can change its spectator.

All my works here are originals – no prints here. I believe that to truly appreciate the art you must experience the artist’s intent of color, texture, and scale.

With each thick brushstroke of paint or choice of grain of the substrate, you can share in that moment of creation with the artist.

Where do I get MY INSPIRATION?

For each painting, I immerse myself in both the subject and the process. That process begins with approaching the work as a puzzle: I am trying to solve a problem. How do I paint this person, place, or thing in a way that will make the viewer feel and witness my passion for the story of the painting? There are countless choices for how to tell each story.; it’s not so much about making a right or wrong choice, but rather, finding the nuance of the story at this moment in time.

Painting in particular gives you many more choices and “levers” to pull and stretch the minds of the creator and the viewer. A blank canvas, panel, or paper offers so many possibilities.

Arlen Ness - King Of Custom
Icons - I'm just looking for some tush
6x6 painting of a knuckle head harley motor, grays on black background
Three Kings - Knuckle Head
Icons - "Caught in a Crossfire" Bruce Springsteen
Takin Flight
We want to be free
Icons - Let's Get This Party Started - Pink
Willie G 3
Painted portrait of Eric Clapton
Icons - "I Must Be Strong" - Eric Clapton
Matt Knight Chopper Portrait

Some of the Art For Sale

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Represented in Key West at the Zazoo Fine Art Gallery