Commission Art by Ray Drea

Commissioned Art...

…connects to one’s mind and heart on a very personal level.

There are many dimensions to consider your personal input. Your choice of subject, colors, medium, and style often ground this special piece of art. Your desire to capture a mood, a place, a loved one, or to make a statement in a special environment will lead to a meaningful heirloom.

Another treasured component to this approach is the experience itself. The collaboration process builds a relationship as I listen to your dream and together we bring it to an emotional visual.

When I am working on a commission I love engaging with you to hear your dream and your story, and I look for how to make the dream a reality. When that connection is made…big smiles all!

Collaborating on a piece leads to such a rewarding win-win experience.

“Taking it to an even higher level, when I am working on a commission, I love engaging with the client to hear their dream, their story, and with that I look for how to bring that dream to a form of reality while never losing the dream from which it’s born”