Papa – Ernest Hemmingway

Aluminum Panel
36 x 48

While in Key West recently, we visited Ernest Hemingway’s home, and the 30cats, some with six toes roaming the joint as they owned it. Ernest was given one six-toed cat as a good luck gift way back when and they began multiplying from there. A complex, talented man that changed how many writers would execute their craft in telling a story. He also brought innovation to sport fishing, for example, developing a huge reel to help land the gigantic tuna, sailfish, and marlin that he loved to fish. Another was the act of backing up the boat while pulling in a fish, I’m guessing the sooner the fish got in the boat the sooner he could get to his favorite watering hole, Sloppy Joe’s. The new Ken Burns series on PBS did a great job of telling his story, there is so much to his story, check it out.