Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett

Just finished this painting of Jimmy Buffett. I wanted to capture Jimmy right after he came out with the song Margaritaville in ‘77. Jimmy encouraged us to live in the moment and find the positive in all that life throws you. Although he passed Sept.1, 2023, his music lives on and we continue to pursue […]

Sinners go to Church – Eric Church

Latest commission just finished. This highly collaborative painting of country singer Eric Church was a blast to paint! Most often when I paint a musician I have their music playing in the background. It really adds another avenue of inspiration contributing to the vibe of each painting. In this case, country music screams Americana hence, […]

Ride The Lightning – James Hetfield

My commission process strives to be very collaborative. There are many approaches to art, from process to end game. As an artist, the inspiration and motive can vary with each piece. Most artists are introverted and in their happy place where they can get in their head and find their groove, myself included. Through the […]

Welcome to the Jungle – Slash/Guns N Roses

I have been busy painting a few commissions. First up is Slash from Guns N Roses. Commissions are my favorite kind of work. Highly collaborative, I find it more challenging with greater reward and the goal of delivering a client’s vision. The value of tailoring the visual along with size, colors, and knowing where it […]


View in Shop I painted this live at the Celebrity Hotel in Deadwood during the Sturgis Rally, ’23. Inspired from his ‘68 comeback special, rockin’ the leather!