Long Tall 8 Valve

Aluminum Panel
36″ x 92″

Harley Board Track Racer painted from above in my palette knife style.

Shown at Michael Lichter’s “What’s the Skinny?” invitational show in 2019

Enamel on aluminum

36″ 92″

The Harley-Davidson 8valve board track racer has perfect proportions. This era of racing and its heroes are legendary.

The painting places the iconic bike at full scale – over 7 feet tall and pointed straight up the wall. Together, with the size, flowing paint, and bold colors, it demands your attention.

Another good friend with gas in his veins, Michael Lange was generous to let me photograph his eight-valve for reference – thanks Mike!

Original 36″ x 92″
Embellished Giclee 24″ x 60″
Giclee 24″ x 60″