AD Maiora

  • AD Maiora, 2020, Original Enamel on Aluminum Panel, 60″ x 24″ – Sold

Custom builder winner of Best Motorcycle of 2020 MBE Verona, Italy, painted live at the show

This is the second painting I created, live at the 2020 Verona Motor Bike Expo.

There are a variety of judged shows taking place within the show however, the most prestigious of all the shows is the bike to be crowned “ The King of Verona”. The judges for this prize are hand-picked, renowned experts in the industry. This year’s winner was designed and built by Andrea Radaelli from Radikal Choppers in Milan, Italy.

Once they picked the winner, I was inspired to paint this 3D work of art into a 2D piece. Using brushes and enamel paint, capturing the emotional context of this hand-built metal sculpture and form that looks like it’s going one hundred miles per hour- standing still.

Once completed, the bike’s owner Antonio Santocono loved the painting so much that he purchased it while it was still wet! The bike was titled “Ad Maiora”, Latin for “ towards greater things” I’m humbled and honored that it will continue as a beautiful complement to the moving sculpture Andrea created.